We take customer satisfaction seriously at Pro+Motorsports. We are committed to making sure our customer's buying experience is nothing short of 110% satisfactory. And if not... We'll fix it! Customer Satisfaction is not a fashionable statement for us. It's a way of life and a total commitment from every employee at Pro+Motorsports.

"Pro Motorspots is my new race shop..."

Rating: 5 Stars

I had been looking for a new shop because I race. I heard Josh Lojak was working there so I came in and checked it out. I'm sold, Pro Motorsports is my new race shop and I'll be bringing all my friends. Special shout out To J-Lo for introducing me to everybody and getting me hooked up. Go out and see Josh!!!

- Brent Large (Natrona Heights, PA)

"...friendly and helpful."

Rating: 5 Stars 

I have dealt with parts counter and also a warranty repair on my Yamaha. Although I did not buy my bike from these people the service dept did all they could to insure my bike was taken care of quickly and the parts counter is friendly and helpful.

- Dave Good (Gibsonia, PA)